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Our Approach


At Ottawa Jiu Jitsu we pride ourselves on being a community forward gym. We at believe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to be a way of life, and as such we do everything in our power here to build up the community around us, provide the best training possible, and give everyone, no matter where they are in their journey or their life, a place to feel at home and work at their pace towards their goals.


At Ottawa Jiu Jitsu our instructors and many of our students are always competing and staying current with the highest level of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the world. We provide competition focused training that translates seamlessly to self defense and personal goals as everybody has their own reason for training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Nobody has to compete as this is a personal choice, but be assured you are amidst high quality practitioners who have solid fundamentals and immense knowledge of the art as a sport and as a system of self defense.

Human Centred

We at Ottawa Jiu Jitsu receive people from all walks of life with diverse reasons for embarking on the journey to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and we see every student’s journey and progress as individual and unique. Whether it is sport, self improvement, a new skill, a new hobby, self defense, healing, community, mental health, you will find a welcoming kind community to partner with and find support on your journey to achieving your goals both on the mats and in life.


What Do i Wear/Bring To My First Class

If possible, please try to arrive 15 minutes early so that you can meet the staff and instructor, sign a waiver, and become orientated with our space. Typically, people wear sandals (since shoes on the mat are not permitted) and comfortable exercising clothes. If you have a gi of your own, bring it! If not, we have rental gis available as well as gis for purchase. For a no-gi class, a rashguard and shorts should be worn. And of course, a water bottle is highly recommended. We have a filtered water station you can refill as needed.

What Is A Gi?

A gi is a uniform worn during jiu-jitsu (as well as various other martial arts, including judo, karate, judo, and sambo) training. The word “gi” comes from the Japanese term, “Keikogi.” Keiko means practice; gi means dress or clothes. A gi consists of 3 pieces; the gi jacket, pants, and belt. Different parts of a gi are strategically utilized for grips, chokes, guards, and other techniques during training. Typically, it is heavily stitched and usually made of cotton to withstand the rigors of daily practice. 

Is BJJ Good for losing weight?

Most definitely! In addition to being immensely FUN, training will increase your muscle tone, bodily coordination, cardiovascular capacity, muscular endurance, balance, and will (inevitably) reduce overall body fat. All that being said, please make sure you hydrate and fuel yourself properly before and after training.

I'm A Woman: Is BJJ Right for me?

YES! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an excellent choice for women, especially for how it contributes to one’s self-defensive ability, sense of community and belonging, and of course, mental and physical fitness. Regarding self-defense, it is a fantastic skillset to have (and practice) because, when an “opponent’s” physical size exceeds our own, jiu-jitsu trains us to utilize leverage and specific techniques that work to fill that gap. Outside of self-defense, the jiu-jitsu community is widespread and actively growing; passionate people with a shared passion come together to practice, make mistakes, and learn from one another. Lastly, unlike other popularized martial arts, jiu-jitsu does not include over-aggressive attacks, punches, or kicks that leave people unconscious. Rather, jiu-jitsu is quite the opposite. It is a more fluid, almost graceful-looking martial art that will challenge you both physically (get ready to increase your cardiovascular endurance!) and mentally, as you think logically to apply learned techniques and movements during training. 

The community of women in jiu-jitsu is still a minority compared to men, so we are actively working to change and balance it.

Would BJJ Benefit My Child?

Absolutely! Regardless of your child’s coordination/ body awareness/ strength/ size/ etc., they CAN and WILL excel at jiu-jitsu with enough effort and consistency. Training jiu-jitsu is an interactive, engaging, and FUN activity where your little one (or big one! We have kids ranging from age 4 to age 15) will improve their balance, reflexes, flexibility, and coordination. In addition to the physical benefits, practicing American Jiu-Jitsu and its embodiment of traditional martial arts principles will gently endow upon them discipline, resiliency, patience, work ethic, and, most importantly, will boost their self-esteem. Our kids curriculum, written by the young man who teaches the classes, places extra emphasis on rewards for effort and engagement – and never utilizes negative points or punishments. 

Please feel free to write to us at if you have any specific questions or concerns.

What is the Basic Etiquette?
  • Shoes OFF while on the mat, ON while off the mat. 
  • Oh egos, too! Leave that with your shoes, on the side. 
  • Gis must be washed and cleaned for class. If you attend multiple classes in a day, a fresh gi must be worn for each class! 
  • Respect your training partners. Respect your instructors. Respect your body! Training jiu-jitsu is not about proving your strength or ability to dominate – don’t do that here. We will ask you to leave.

What Our Students Are Saying


”First, I would like to say that anyone that joins their team won’t be disappointed.

I met Brandon about 2.5 years ago. He was very good and fun to roll with. One day he brought this woman with him, her name was Emera and from day one I liked her. I finally had a female training partner who was as motivated as I am. They started a great woman’s class. Emera became a good friend and an amazing training partner.l consider her to be a very talented grappler, a very good competitor and an amazing woman who supports other women. She is definitely someone you want in your circle and as a training partner. 

Brandon is a great teacher. He brought new stuff to our gym. He is very creative and always supportive with answering questions and he is funny too! Brandon is very motivated and definitely passionate about what he is doing. 

If you decide to join their team, do it, you will not regret your decision.”

Annie B.

”I haven’t been training that long in the grand scheme of things but I plan to continue training until I can’t anymore. Jiujitsu now has a big place in my heart.

Training with this club and team is the best. If you miss a session Coach will check in to make sure everything is on track for obtaining your goals. You’re held accountable. What’s great about Brandon’s coaching too is he follows a systematic approach in delivering skills. Each week you practice and refine a skill reviewing it for the whole week. With jiujitsu moves are very technical and it’s great to spend lots of time in each move. 

I’m really glad to be training under these coaches. I’m excited to see keep training and getting better under their guidance!”

Lindsay W.

I met Brandon & Emera a couple of years ago, and I was immediately struck by their enthusiasm, dedication, and humility. They took a program that was searching for a path forward and turned it into a community that is more of a family than just people going to train somewhere. And train you will. The method of teaching is low key, progressive, and will find you gasping for air as you improve, no matter your level. I first walked into a dojo in 1969, I have black belts in TKD & Aikido, and I have two stripes on my white belt in BJJ, so my experience has a long memory. You won’t be disappointed by choosing Ottawa Jiujitsu. Come train!

Chuck M.

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